£200 to save your life

11 May 2006

  • We launch campaign to make ESP standard
  • Watch ESP video with What Car? readers
  • E-mail us and tell us your opinion

ESP could save your life

What price your family's safety? What Car? today launches its campaign to fit life-saving stability control systems (often referred to as ESP – Electronic Stability Programs) costing as little as £200, as standard on every new car.

Stability control uses clever electronics and a car's braking system to prevent skids during emergency manoeuvres. Research has proved that these set-ups can reduce road deaths by 30%. With almost 3000 people dying on UK roads each year, such systems could save 1000 lives in the next year and 10,000 over the next 10 years.

Choose your preferred media player from the links below for a video demonstration of the benefits of stability control systems including soundbites from What Car? readers experiencing it for the first time.

Windows Media Player: ESP Video
RealOne Player: ESP Video

To watch this clip through iTunes click here. Alternatively, add the following link to your preferred podcast software: http://www.whatcar.com/rss/whatcarvideo.xml.

Stability control units are widely available and are sometimes called DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) or VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist) by car makers and can cost consumers around £500 from the options list.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders has revealed that only 5% of British drivers know what stability control systems are capable of.

So what do you think? Should ESP be fitted as standard? Take a look at the video, then e-mail us your thoughts by clicking one of the links below.

Yes, make ESP as Standard

No, keep it as an option

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