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£30 increase on licences proposed

12 May 2006

  • Driving licences could rise to £68
  • £3 annual fee also being considered
  • Car registration costs could change, too

licence medium

The cost of a driving licence could almost double under new plans being proposed by the DVLA.

The DVLA is considering three plans where motorists could either pay £68, £45 or £29 for a new licence, with car owners paying a further £3 annual fee if the lowest option was adopted. The current fee for a new licence is £38.

Drivers would also have to pay £19 every 10 years to renew their photocard licence.

The DVLA is also looking at changing registration fees when buying a new car. Every new car buyer currently pays a £38 registration fee; under the new plans, this would either increase to £45 or decrease to £29, depending on which option the government chooses.

The Department for Transport and the Treasury will make their decision after consultation.

Meanwhile, London's Congestion Charge could be raised to £10 if Mayor Ken Livingstone is re-elected for a third term in 2008.

Speaking during an ITV debate, Livingstone said: 'If I am re-elected to a third term I would increase it again, probably to £10.'

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