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Drink-driving is on the rise

08 November 2004

More than one in 10 young motorists drinks and drives, according to a new survey.

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More than one in 10 young motorists drinks and drives, according to a new survey.

The research, published today by road safety charity Brake, is being used to launch National Road Safety Week, which runs until this Sunday.

It found that 27% of the 1000 young drivers under the age of 25 questioned admitted to driving after having a drink, while 12% said they would take to the wheel after drinking three pints or more.

The survey revealed that 60% of those driving after drinking more than five pints were also unlicensed. Overall, one in five thought alcohol made them a more careful driver, while almost half thought it had no affect on their ability to drive a car safely.

Brake’s chief executive, Mary Williams, said: ‘Drinking and driving is a growing offence among young people, which is causing a terrible rising death toll. It is vital for everyone to pledge to never drink and drive – not a drop – and never get in a vehicle with a drink-driver.’

Drink-driving has been on the increase for the past decade, even though police are breathalysing fewer and fewer motorists. Last year drink-driving killed 560 people, the highest level for seven years.

What Car?’s editor, David Motton, said: ‘What Car? is fully behind Road Safety Week and its common-sense message that drivers should never take to the road after drinking.

‘Even one drink will seriously affect your ability to drive. Remember that you can still be over the limit the morning after a heavy night, and lunchtime drinks will have a bigger impact on your system.’

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