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Maybach Exelero hits double-ton

13 May 2005

Is this the 690bhp two-seater Maybach coupe that buyers have been clamouring for?

Exelero profile 2 col

Is this the 690bhp two-seater Maybach coupe that buyers have been clamouring for?

No, probably not. Which is why Maybach says the fully working V12 Exelero will remain a one-off.

The enormous coupe has been built for German tyre manufacturer Fulda. It will be used as a ‘reference vehicle’ for a new generation of wide tyres that the company is developing and follows another Maybach-based coupe that Fulda used in the 1930s.

The Exelero measures 5890mm from tip to tail, so is midway between a Maybach 57 and 62 in length. Although it weighs more than 2.5 tonnes (about two-and-a-half Ford Fiestas), it has already recorded a top speed of 218mph at the Nardo test track in Italy.

Other Maybach spin-offs unlikely to go any further than our computer-generated images include a more stately looking coupe, a convertible, an off-roader and an even longer version of the stretched-wheelbase 62.

That’s unless some multi-millionaire motorist asks Maybach to build one of them, that is. After all, the manufacturer says the Exelero ‘embodies the highest expression to date of the Maybach individualisation strategy of offering specific custom solutions on request’.

It’s not all bad news if you’ve got several hundred thousand pounds burning a hole in your pocket and no ridiculous coupe to spend it on. Bugatti promises that this year, after many years’ delay, it will finally launch its 987bhp £800,000 Veyron.

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