19,000 Corolla Versos recalled

29 August 2006

  • Airbag defect prompts Corolla Verso recall
  • Avoid fitting rear-facing childseat until checks
  • Fiats and Vauxhalls recalled, too


Toyota is recalling more than 19,000 Corolla Verso MPVs over a potentially lethal airbag defect.

While owners may have switched the front passenger airbag off so they can safely fit a rear-facing child seat, Toyota has found that in 19,115 cars it still may deploy in an accident.

Rear-facing child seats should never be positioned in front of active airbags as infants can be killed as they deploy.

Owners of potentially affected cars are being contacted by Toyota with the offer of free checks and remedial work through October. In the meantime, owners should avoid fitting a rear-facing child seat in the front passenger seat of the cars at all costs.

The fault stems from incorrect programming of the car's electronic control unit, which can also switch off the driver's side seatbelt pre-tensioner. While the seatbelt would still restrain the driver in an accident, Toyota says there is an increased risk of injury because the pre-tensioner won't work.

Cars affected by the recall were built between February 2004 and August 2005 and carry the following vehicle identification numbers:

NMTEX16R#0R000016 to NMTEX16R#0R060484
NMTEA16R#0R000050 to NMTEA16R#0R037613
NMTEB16R#0R000022 to NMTEB16R#0R037390
NMTEZ15R#0R001769 to NMTEZ15R#0R028207
NMTER16R#0R000026 to NMTER16R#0R082823
NMTEZ16R#0R000026 to NMTEZ16R#0R017339

Other recalls
Fiat wants to inspect 2278 Multipla MPVs as brake fluid may leak and lead to longer stopping distances. Cars built between April 2002 and February 2003 could be affected.

Vauxhall has found that rear alloy wheels on 806 VX220 roadsters could suddenly fracture. Owners of cars built between January 2001 and December 2002 can check their wheels to see if they're affected. If HT is not stamped on the inside of one of the wheels' spokes, the wheel needs to be replaced.

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