26% of road deaths from working drivers

06 December 2007

At least one in four road deaths is caused by someone driving for work, according to Department for Transport statistics.

Last year, 858 people were killed and 6622 were seriously injured in crashes involving people doing work-related driving - that's an increase of 9% since 2005, when the statistics were first published.

Road safety charity brake is worried that the actual figure could be higher, because it believes many at-work road casualties are still not properly categorised by police.

To tackle the problem, Brake is calling for companies and Government to take action.

It's urging all companies to ensure they have proper driver education and risk management systems to prevent crashes involving their employees, and is offering free one-day courses around the UK for businesses.

It also believes the Government can do more, including ensuring that the 'purpose of journey' of vehicles involved in crashes is properly recorded by police so that the extent of the problem is fully known.

Brake also wants the Government to invest in campaigns to target people who drive for work, and force companies to report on-road crashes to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Currently, employers are only required to report on-site incidents to the HSE.

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