Alfa backtracks on Furiosa name

21 November 2007

Alfa says it may backtrack on the result of the public vote to name its new supermini.

The competition to name the car was run in a public poll across six nations: Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Japan and Britain.

Furiosa, which translates from Italian as 'mad' or 'furious', topped the overall voting.

However, just one day after the winning name was announced, a company spokesman said: 'Furiosa won the competition, but there was a proviso in the rules and regulations of the competition which stipulated that we don't have to use the name on the car.

'Furiosa is being considered, but a final decision on whether Alfa will choose another name will be made closer to the launch date.'

The car was known internally at Alfa as Junior and Racer while the public vote was conducted, and sources suggest these names are also under consideration.

The car will probably be unveiled at the Geneva motor show in March and go on sale next summer.

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