All-electric concept for Mitsubishi

31 January 2006

  • EZ MIEV concept on show at Geneva
  • Powered by four electric engines
  • Technology could be in production cars by 2010


Mitsubishi will unveil a new electrically powered concept car at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

The EZ MIEV uses four electric motors, one housed in each of the car's wheels.

This system has already been combined with a small conventional combustion engine on the CT MIEV, shown at the recent Detroit Motor Show, but the EZ MIEV is entirely powered by electricity.

Even so, each of the motors supplies 27bhp so there's a reasonable 108bhp to play with.

Mitsubishi is aiming for its new 'i' city car, recently launched in Japan, to be the first production model to use the technology by 2010.

The company is also still considering launching the cute i in the UK. It is bringing a car over from Japan to show dealers in mid-February or early March to see what they think about the car's prospects in the UK.

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