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All I want for Xmas is... a Lamborghini

23 October 2007

  • Lamborghini decorations for sale
  • Big and small baubles for your tree
  • More gift ideas at Lambo store

Lambo xmas crap 2007

This Christmas you might wish to find a £192,000 Lamborghini under your Christmas tree, but now you have more chance of finding a Lambo on it…

The Italian supercar manufacturer has launched a range of Christmas goodies, including a set of Lamborghini Christmas tree baubles.

Three small Lambo balls cost £29.38, while a big raging bull ball is £22.33.

Also on sale at Lamborghini-store.co.uk are slow-burning Lambo candles (£24.68), Lamborghini Christmas cards (£25.85 for 20) and, if you prefer to e-mail your Xmas wishes, you can buy a Lamborghini laptop - for £1930.05.

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