Black is the new black

19 April 2007

  • Two reports show silver cars may be worth less
  • Same reports say black cars may be worth more
  • Haggle hard if you're offered less for a silver car

Black cars could be worth more - but only if they're immaculately kept

Owners of silvers cars could be out of pocket according to two reports out today.

Seat, and car price data publisher Glass's, are predicting that silver cars will be worth less in the future, as buyers snap up black vehicles in preference.

Glass's reckons that, for certain types of car, black paintwork pushes the price up by £500, and Seat points out that the percentage of silver cars sold has fallen recently, while sales of black models have risen over the same period.

However, if you have a silver car, don't panic just yet. Certainly, dealers are complaining about the number of silver cars on their forecourt, and some buyers are looking for a different colour - but you probably won't notice much difference when it's time to sell. If you're offered a lower price because of the colour, it's more likely to be an excuse. Haggle hard to push your car's value up.

Many buyers prefer silver or metallic grey colours as they are easier to keep clean, and generally wear better. Black cars car show more marks and scratches and, although it may look shiny in the showroom, it could look tired after three years' use.

Use this latest news about silver cars to your advantage when buying a silver used car. Push the dealer hard and persuade them it's in their interest to lower the price to make that unappealing silver car more attractive.

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