BMW unveils new grand tourer concept car

20 April 2007

BMW has unveiled a new grand tourer concept car called the Concept CS.

The new car is being hailed by BMW as a 'four-door Gran Turismo for the luxury segment', and has a low-slung roofline, very long wheelbase and low centre of gravity, which BMW says will combine to promote excellent agility.

It also has big, flared wheelarches and 21-inch alloy wheels, and the car's body width increasing towards the rear of the car. Like the recently released BMW M3, the Concept CS has a 'powerdome' - a pronounced styling bulge in the bonnet.

Other exterior features include door handles that are integrated into the chrome bar running along the side of the car - they are controlled by sensors, and only move out when needed.

BMW hasn't released any details of what might power the car, but it's hard to imagine that the 500bhp 5.0-litre V10 currently used in the M5 and M6 models wouldn't fit the bill.

The Concept CS is designed as a four-seater, with two individual rear seats to give occupants plenty of elbow-room. The centre console runs the full length of the interior to serve as an armrest and provide storage.

The whole cabin is finished with leather upholstery, and the brown-coloured leather trim extends to the instrument panel, upper doorsills and the outer edges of the roofline.

If you're wondering whether we'll see the Concept S at the next major motor show, you'll be disappointed - BMW says the car is just a design study.

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