BMW website gives 'best experience'

01 June 2007

New research shows that 85% of car buyers visit manufacturers' websites before purchasing, but those in the market for a new Ferrari could be disappointed.

The independent research was carried out by Global Reviews, a firm which specialises in customer experience benchmarking. In its sample of 1100 people, it found out what they looked for in a website to make it useful to them, used this to create a benchmark of the best sites, and then compared UK websites against it.

The best sites are scored out of 100, and Ferrari scored the lowest of the premium brands surveyed, scoring just 44% for user experience of its site. BMW offered the best customer experience with 76%.

Audi scored the highest for having full lists of its cars' features on its website (94%), but Ferrari again scored poorly at 39%.

While a third of users would like to book a test drive on a manufacturer's website, 40% of the sites in the survey didn't offer the service.

More than 1100 car buyers were reviewed in the survey, which mainly looked at websites from premium makers such as Aston , Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Jaguar, Mercedes, and Porsche, although Ford, Subaru and Volkswagen were also included in the benchmarking.

A spokeswoman said a survey of more mainstream brands may be carried out in the summer.

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