Camera Obscura

24 February 2006

  • Rules on siting of speed cameras expire in 2007
  • Councils free to place cameras where they like
  • Threat to upkeep of speed cameras, too

Speed cameras

New road safety regulations could result in hidden speed cameras next year.

The current Department for Transport rules, which govern how and where speed cameras are sited, expire in April 2007, leaving local councils free to place cameras where they like, even potentially concealing them.

It could also mean that there is no compulsion for councils to paint speed cameras with high-visibility yellow panels.

However, the impending expiry of the rules have been met with concern from motoring organisations. Executive director of the RAC Foundation, Edmund King, told What Car?: 'If drivers don't know a camera is coming up they might make a rash decision and instinctively put their foot on the brake – even if they are travelling at the speed limit.'

The foundation also warned that, due to changes in how local authorities will receive government funding in the future, they may not be able to afford to maintain their network of speed cameras.

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