Car-buyer's eye on the web

12 June 2006

  • Car manufacturers use web to show cars
  • Volvo website offers XC90 competition
  • VW launches microsite for Eos convertible

You can win a 'Pirate-themed' XC90 on Volvo's 'Pirates of the Caribbean' website

A couple of car manufacturers have launched web campaigns this month, which could be of interest to car buyers.

Volvo has fallen in with the movie 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest' and launched an online treasure hunt. The prize is a 'pirate-themed' XC90, which is buried in a container 'somewhere' in the world.

You have to pick up a 'map' from your nearest Volvo dealership then log on to to find out how to win.

Also, Volkswagen's convertible, the Eos, goes on sale here next month, so VW has launched a dedicated website for the new car.

According to VW, you can 'drive' the Eos through a three-dimensional interactive sensory world.

What that really means is that you can play with car's metal roof, choose paint and upholstery options, then move your chosen car around a landscape of giant sunflowers and pine cones, picking up information about the car on the way. Great stuff.

Go to to find out more.

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