Chrysler hints at DSG-style gearbox

22 August 2007

Chrysler has hinted that diesel models of its Sebring family car could be fitted with a DSG-style semi-automatic gearbox from next year.

It is not yet clear if the dual-clutch transmission is Chrysler's own, if it has been developed with former sister company Mercedes, or if it is from another manufacturer - the Sebring's 2.0-litre diesel engine is already sourced from Volkswagen.

However, an insider told 'The diesel Sebring will be available with a dual-clutch auto 'box from next year'.

The gearbox could also be available for other Chrysler group cars.

Why are DSG gearboxes special?
• Direct-shift gearboxes are effectively manual gearboxes with two clutches, operated by paddles behind the steering wheel or a lever on the floor.

As you select one gear, the next is primed to cut in as soon as you tap a paddle nudge the lever. Its advantages are great smoothness of operation and much greater efficiency.

They can also operate in a fully automatic mode.

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