Corsas and Tigras in recalls

28 March 2006

  • 200,000 Vauxhalls recalled
  • Possible problems with anti-lock brake system
  • Vauxhall to contact owners

Tigra panning medium

Vauxhall is recalling more than 200,000 Corsa and Tigra cars for checks on their anti-lock brake systems.

The manufacturer has found that water can work its way into a connector on the ABS system of current-shape Corsa superminis and new Tigra convertibles and lead to a short circuit.

This can cause the anti-lock system to function incorrectly, although drivers would always be left with some stopping power. In extreme cases the short circuit can result in enough overheating to start a fire.

In all, 204,875 Corsas and 2500 Tigras registered between June 2003 and September 2005 are affected.

Corsas carry the vehicle identification numbers from *********44000009 to *********54330240, while Tigras range from *********5E000023 to *********5E037478.

Owners are being contacted by Vauxhall with the offer of free checks and remedial work.

The recall also covers 10,000 Combo vans.

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