Detroit 2007: your guide to the show - Acura

08 January 2007
Acura ASC?
The Acura Advanced Sports Concept - basically, it's the next Honda NSX.

The Acura name isn't used in the UK at the moment, but it will appear on the new ASC. Honda Japan has said that the next NSX will use the Acura badge globally when it's launched.

The first look at a potential replacement for the NSX was back in 2003, with the HSC concept car at the Tokyo motor show.

That was soon considered too similar to the old NSX, so this ASC is the latest in Honda's thinking on a new supercar.

It's more than three years since the HSC, and two years after NSX production itself was halted, so Honda is moving pretty slowly with its fastest car - there'll be quite a hiatus between the two generations.

So how much longer to wait now?
There's no official timetable being discussed at the moment, but insiders tell us the car might not be on sale until 2009.

Hopefully it will be worth the wait, however - a Ferrari-baiting V10 engine is rumoured to power the car.

There's stiff competition from Japanese rivals, which will overtake Honda the race to the showroom. The Nissan GTR goes on sale towards the end of this year, while the Lexus LF-A is due in 2008.

Acura on video
To see the Acura ASC on video, click here.
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