Detroit 2007: your guide to the show - Mercedes

08 January 2007
Anything Rolls-Royce can do Mercedes can do... as well
Just across the hall from Rolls-Royce's enormous four-seater luxury convertible at Detroit you'll find another enormous four-seater luxury convertible.

In case you're thinking of taking the Mercedes S600-based Ocean Drive to Blackpool and not St Tropez, it comes fitted with the nifty Airscarf system, as found on the SLK, which blows warm air around your neck to keep you toasty.

However, while the two-door Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe will enter production this summer, there are no immediate plans to build this S-Class-based, four-door Mercedes-Benz Ocean Drive just yet.

So there's no tricky Rolls-Royce versus Mercedes buying decision to make?
Well, if you put your ear to the ground, you can hear murmurings that it will be built and carry a Maybach badge.

That's not very likely. It's far more probable that Mercedes will ditch the four-door layout and go with a two-door convertible version of the CL instead.

Ocean Drive on video
To see the Ocean Drive on video, click here.
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