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08 January 2007
Is it a Supra? is it a Celica? Is it an MR2?
In a funny way, the FT-HS is all three rolled into one.

The 400bhp hybrid engine brings it 60mph in about 4.0sec, and it seems to have 'Supra' performance car written all over it.

Toyota, however, says that isn't on the cards for a good few years, and even then it may never make it to the UK.

So we prefer to look on it as a hint towards a possible replacement for the Celica and MR2.

Toyota might have scrapped those cars from its range now (in pursuit of more mass-market sales), but says it will replace them in a few years.

And when it does, it will be one model that serves both as coupe and convertible.

In that respect, the roof of the FT-HS could give an idea of how Toyota might do this. It slides back, then levers down with the windscreen to turn itself into a convertible.

If it did this with a glassfibre roof, or even carbonfibre (if you're feeling expensive), it would help to retain a decent weight distribution - something that many metal-roofed coupe-cabriolets lack.

Toyota FT-HS on video
To see the Toyota FT-HS on video, click here.
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