Diesel cars could cost more

15 December 2006

  • EU vote on stricter emissions due this week
  • New standards could make diesels dearer to build
  • Concern that drivers may choose more polluting petrols

Buyers may choose more polluting petrol cars because diesel car manufacture could be more expensive

Diesel cars could rise in price because of stricter regulations on engine emissions.

This week, the European Parliament is voting on tough new air quality laws - the Euro V and VI emissions standards - which, if passed, could add significantly to the cost of manufacturing diesel cars. Some experts say it could add up to £600 to the price of a new diesel car.

Among the costly parts of the new emissions regulations is a requirement that every new diesel car would have to have a particulate trap fitted.

The concern is that, because of the predicted rise in price in diesels, buyers would choose petrol cars, which can be up to 30% worse for fuel consumption and which emit more carbon dioxide.

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