EU targets people who use cars to tow

26 November 2007

  • Caravan and trailer owners targeted
  • May have to undertake additional driver training
  • Part of EU plan to standardise European driving laws

Chrylser Aspen

Drivers who use their vehicles to tow caravans or trailers could be forced to undertake additional driver training under proposed European legislation.

The legislation, which would not come into force until 2012, is part of a move by the EU to enforce standardised driver training throughout Europe.

Under the proposal, drivers of loads that exceed 3500kg would have to agree to training similar to that taken by HGV drivers, but not sit an exam.

Drivers of 4x4s who use their vehicle to tow are being urged to check their maximum permissible tow weight in their vehicle's handbook to find out if they would fall under the proposed legislation.

Other EU proposals include raising the minimum age limit for holding a full driving licence to 18 and for riding mopeds in cities to 16.

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