Exclusive pics: Peugeot 207 CC

23 January 2006

  • See the new 207 convertible here first
  • Exclusive new estate images, too
  • Expect these versions in showrooms in late 2007


The new Peugeot 207 supermini was only unveiled on whatcar.com 10 days ago, but we've already got an exclusive sneak preview of the convertible and estate versions of the car.

These computer-generated images show how the 207 CC drop-top and 207 SW wagon will adopt the same new look as the supermini, which goes on sale in the UK in June.

The 207 CC will still use a folding metal roof like the current 206 version, and could make its first appearance at the Paris Motor Show in September.

Sales of the convertible will probably start late this year or early in 2007 when the pint-sized 207 SW estate is tipped to arrive in showrooms.

Expect to pay from around £14,000 for the CC and about £10,500 for the SW.

Look out for the full road test of the 207 supermini at the end of March on whatcar.com.

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