Extreme Renault Clio 197 set for UK

11 January 2007

Renault has started work on a more extreme version of the Clio Renaultsport 197 - and it's being made specifically for the UK market.

The reason for the new car is differing tastes on each side of the Channel. 'We have demand for a number of different versions of the Clio 197,' says the company's new commercial boss, Philippe Talou-Derible. 'French buyers would like a more luxurious version; the UK appears to have demand for a more extreme one. We are working on solutions to this.'

Renault has given nothing away about how the Clio will be made more extreme, but lightening the car, tweaking the suspension and giving it more power are all under consideration. The latter option is the least likely, though.

The more radical Clio 197 could come out at the very end of this year, but it's more likely we'll see it in 2008.

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