Fiat 500 tops supermini poll

12 November 2007

Fiat's 500 has defeated the Mini Cooper and Renault Twingo in the battle for readers' affections.

Last week, Fiat revealed that its 500 will cost from £7900 when it goes on sale in January. The Mini costs from £13,025 and the Twingo from £8375.

As a result, we asked readers which of the stylish superminis they would choose.

The Fiat 500 proved the overwhelming winner, attracting 55% of the vote, compared to the Mini's 37% and Twingo's 8%.

Reader comments
'The new Fiat 500 demonstrates, if you didn't already know, just how over-priced the Mini is. I hope that Fiat will be able to keep up with demand for the 500.'
David Cooke

'Fiat 500, per favore! Style, substance – and sexy!'
Ian Davies

'The Fiat 500 looks the business.'
Richard Hyde

'I am a Mini owner, but at those prices you have to give the Fiat 500 a second look.'
Paul Atkins

'I've just sold my Punto in favour of a Mini One. The Mini has a better ride, feels much more solid, is a better drive, feels higher quality and is made in Britain. I doubt the Panda-based 500 will be that much better than the Punto.'
Tim Young

'The Mini is still a British icon, despite its German owners. It may be expensive, but it is unique.'
Michael J Long

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