Fiat's even hotter Punto Abarth

05 September 2007

  • 180bhp Punto at Frankfurt motor show
  • Car could go into production if reaction is favourable
  • Panda Aria concept highlights green motoring technology

Punto Abarth SS

Fiat will unveil a 180bhp Grande Punto Abarth at this year's Frankfurt motor show.

The hot hatch concept, called the Essesse, features lowered suspension, uprated brakes, sportier styling details and special decals and logos.

The 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol engine has 180bhp, 30bhp more than the Grande Punto Abarth unveiled at the Geneva motor show earlier this year.

Insiders suggest that both the 150bhp and 180bhp models could go into production, if the Essesse receives a favourable reception in Frankfurt.

Fiat will also highlight its future fuel-saving and emission-reducing technology in a Panda Aria concept car.

Features include stop-start technology to automatically switch the engine off when idling, lightweight components and low-resistance tyres. The car's trip computer also offers advice on the optimum time when to change gear.

The car is powered by a 900cc two-cylinder engine which can run on a combination of methane and hydrogen. Power output varies according to the mix, but top power is 105bhp. It emits just 69g/km of carbon dioxide.

Speculation already suggests that a lightweight two-cylinder petrol engine could be incorporated into the Fiat 500 range and an upcoming small city car.

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