Ford invests £1bn in green technology

17 July 2006

  • Greener technology will benefit all Ford brands
  • Possibilities include a Focus capable of 70mpg
  • New engines, fuels and transmissions developed


Ford has announced that it will invest at least £1 billion in UK research facilities over the next six years to develop greener, more fuel-efficient cars.

The company says that this doubling of investment in environmental technologies will benefit Ford as well as its subsidiary brands of Jaguar, Land Rover and Volvo.

The company says the funding will deliver 100 models with improved emissions and better fuel economy including, for example, a Focus that can return more than 70mpg.

There aren't any exact timescales for when you'll be able to buy all of these products, but expect to see the roll out start in around four years.

Ford Europe executive vice-president Lewis Booth said: 'Climate change is one of the greatest single challenges facing the auto industry and society today.

A broad business strategy that serves all our brands is the only way we can achieve the level of improvement in emissions and fuel economy required.'

Ford says the investment will focus on developing lighter aluminium-bodied vehicles such as the new Jaguar XJ and XK, five efficient direct-injection petrol engines, three new diesel engines and four new transmissions.

A range of hybrids will also be developed using petrol and diesel engines. Different levels of hybrid cars, which Ford calls micro, mild and full, will cut carbon dioxide emissions by between 8% and 25%.

Research into alternatives fuels will also be stepped up, with increased development of 'flexi-fuels' cars that run on crop-derived ethanol.

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