Ford's future 4x4 revealed

12 April 2007

This is how next year's new 4x4 from Ford is likely to look.

Our computer images are based on spy shots of the compact off-roader taken during testing, as well as on the Iosis-X concept car.

When the Iosis-X was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show last year, Ford's design chief Martin Smith told that the production car would remain faithful to the concept car.

Still, the cars spotted in testing show that the roof-mounted mirrors, huge alloy wheels and rear-hinged back doors have all been dropped. The glass floor of the Iosis-X would also never appear in a production model.

Four-wheel drive will be available on the new Focus-based off-roader, but like most other compact 4x4s, it will be front-wheel drive the majority of the time. When the front wheels lose traction, a proportion of the engine's power will be sent to the rear wheels.

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