Green cars more sexy than 4x4s

27 July 2007

Women are less likely to be attracted to men who drive 4x4s, according to a survey.

The investigation into cars that women find most sexy was undertaken by car supermarket chain Carcraft, and it discovered that although convertible sports cars came top, women find small, more environmentally friendly cars attractive, too.

A spokesman for Carcraft said: 'Jeremy Clarkson may be sticking with a 4x4, but with the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Cameron Diaz going green, it's clear where the real glamour lies.

The two Hollywood superstars both own Toyota Prius hybrid cars.

Top five sexy cars with green credentials
1 Maxda MX-5 1.8
2 Vauxhall Tigra CDTi
3 Mini Cooper D 1.6
4 BMW 1 Series 118d
5 Peugeot 407 1.6 HDI

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