Hyundai to launch green i30

18 September 2007

Hyundai is to launch a low-emission version of its i30 model in January 2008.

The 88bhp 1.6-litre diesel engine has been adapted from the 113bhp 1.6-litre diesel unit currently in the range.

This detuning and the addition of a particulate filter are the only changes over the standard car, and it has reduced the car's carbon dioxide emissions from 125g/km to 119g/km.

That figure puts the car in VED road tax band B, which costs £35 a year.

It will also be rated for company car tax at 13% of its value, following changes to the system that will be introduced in 2008.

Should London's emission-based congestion charge proposals be given the go-ahead for February 2008, the car will also be able to enter the city for free.

The car will go on sale from £12,995 and include stability control, air-conditioning, alloy wheels and a five-year warranty as standard.

As yet, there's no name for this variant of the i30, but Hyundai says the badge will feature a green 'i'.

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