i approval for Mitsubishi

15 May 2006

Mitsubishi should launch its i city car this September, say whatcar.com readers.

The manufacturer is considering launching the car in the UK in time for the 56 number plate change, and, if our poll reflects the car-buying market as a whole, Mitsubishi is onto a winner - the overwhelming majority was in favour of the car.

Indeed, there was just one dissenter who didn't like the i. Below is a selection of the positive comments about the car:

It's a reasonably forward-looking design, although hardly a future classic-collectable, but if it comes fully loaded, so much the better.

However, I doubt that many UK buyers would pay a premium for the package, so it needs a USP of some sort.

What could that be? Economy, I reckon – a good-handling super-luxury micromobile returning over 80mpg could make a compelling package.
David Jefferis

Just what the world needs - but we need to go even further with cars that fill the gap between motorcycles and cars such as the i.

We need high-tech two-seaters, and even single-seater city cars that give the economy of a motorcycle, but keep you dry and securely planted on the ground - clean, economical, personal city commuter cars delivering comfort, safety and affordability.

Fifty years ago we could buy cars of the same engine capacity as the i (and even less). We should be able to extract similar performance out of an engine half the size now.

Just imagine a 250cc petrol/diesel/gas single seat city car weighing under 500kg and returning over 100mpg, and that's before any expensive electric hybrid technology that could be added - why not?
Martin Taper

Looks very futuristic! Pricey, though.
Grant Muir

I think it looks great and looks better than the Smart and G-Wiz.
G Brisbane

Please ask Mitsubishi to import it - there's no other car quite like it.
David Cooke

Brilliant looking-car; just needs a little more power to match the Panda.
Stephen Bloor

I'd buy one if it came over - as a first car.
Simon MacDonald

I love this car. I currently own a Smart ForTwo, but need to upgrade to a four-seater. This looks perfect for what I want.
Rupert Brickwood

I like it! As a closet greenie (but one that doesn't want to give up his car quite yet), I think there should be more four-door, petrol-powered superminis that fall into the sub 120g/km carbon dioxide category.

This way you get decent fuel economy, you get to use (relatively) cheap petrol, avoid the £700-£1000 diesel price premium and get your £40 road tax without all of the impracticalities of having to drive a Smart or a Toyota Aygo!

The only one car I know that currently occupies this ground is the Daihatsu Sirion 1.0. I'm seriously considering making this my next car for all of the above reasons.

PS - please tell those nice people at Mitsubishi that if they launch the i, they should fit it with the same instant mpg display I currently have in my Corolla. These things are more addictive than crack cocaine and ensure that you always try and squeeze as much mileage as you can from each gallon of juice!

If Mitsubishi do decide to launch this little gem, I'll definitely keep an 'i' open for it.
Peter Growcott

It's a great take on the Smart ForTwo, but better with more seats and extra boot space.

A completely electric model would be fantastic. Car buyers are getting greener and Mitsubishi should try to get in on the act quickly to help boost sales and keep ahead of the competition.

The price seems reasonable for all the standard equipment. Once the build quality is strong, they shouldn't have a problem shifting these little bubbles off the showroom floor.

Looking at the pictures, the large front windscreen looks like it would give fantastic visibility.

With the engine in the back, it gives the car a tiny bonnet, which will be good for parking. I could see a lot of new drivers or city drivers buying this funky little number.

If Mitsubishi can keep prices down, fuel economy high and build quality and safety up, then this should be promising competition for the Ford Ka, boring VW Fox and the Smart ForTwo.
Elaine McCarthy

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