Insects cause 650,000 crashes a year

24 August 2007

  • 75% of drivers distracted by bugs
  • 4% will react by slamming on the brakes
  • 22% will take hands off the steering wheel


A survey has discovered that insects cause 650,000 motorists to have an accident each year, causing £44 million of damage.

In research conducted by esure car insurance, 1000 motorists identified bugs as the second-biggest distraction while they are driving.

Only having strong sunlight in their eyes was rated as a worse distraction.

The survey found that 75% of those questioned were distracted when a bug hit their windscreen or entered their car, with 4% saying it prompts them to slam on the brakes.

A further 22% said they would take their hands off the steering wheel to swat an unwanted insect in the car.

In addition, it was discovered that wasps were the most feared in-car insect, with hornets second and bees and spiders equal third.

An estimated 51 billion insects are killed on British roads each year according to bug expert Dr Mark Hostetler.

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