Insurance groups to more than double

03 July 2007

  • New system of 50 groups by January 2008
  • Costs should come down for some cars
  • Current 20-group system until summer 2008

Car buyers will soon have to compare 50 insurance categories instead of 20

Motorists will have 50 insurance groups to consider from next year.

The insurance industry is more than doubling the current 20 groups to provide more specific quotes and make it easier to compare them. Some cars should become cheaper to insure; others will become more expensive.

The system will be introduced alongside the existing groups in January next year, but the current 20-group system will be phased out entirely by summer 2008.

Changes are also being made to how cars qualify for the new groups. The cost and ease of repair is still a strong consideration, but the weight of cars will also be incorporated.

Rather than looking at the 0-60mph acceleration times of diesel cars, the ratings will instead compare their pulling power with their weight as a measure of the cars' performance.

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