Is Fiat 500 mania coming to the UK?

06 November 2007

Bit by bit, anticipation has been growing for the UK arrival of the Fiat 500 in January.

This week, we've been given the final piece of missing information - the UK price structure.

Fiat has caused a stir by announcing that the 500 will cost from £7900 - more than £1000 less than predicted.

Even the top engine and trim will cost only £10,700.

That contrasts sharply with its perceived rival, the Mini, which costs from £13,025 to £17,470, and the similarly quirky Renault Twingo, which costs from £8375 to £9995.

So, which one of these stylish superminis gets your vote?

Tell us what you think about your favourite by clicking on the links below:

Fiat 500 per favore>

Make mine a Mini

Twingo is tops

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