Jail for motorists who use mobiles?

20 December 2007

  • Drivers still flout phone ban
  • Two-year sentence proposed
  • New plan intended to send tough message

mobile phone

Drivers caught using their hand-held mobile phones could face a jail sentence under new guidelines.

Most drivers would still face the standard fine and points deduction, but in instances where driving is thought to be dangerous, prosecutors could press charges carrying a maximum two-year sentence.

Motorists who adjust sat-navs or use their iPods when behind the wheel could also face prosecution.

Using a hand-held mobile phone when driving was banned in 2003, and anyone caught faces a £60 fine and three licence points.

However, research has shown that many people continue to flout the ban, prompting the proposal for tougher measures.

Andrew Howard, a spokesman for the AA, said that the penalty had been coming for a long time.

'If you choose to talk on a mobile phone, it's not surprising if you lose control of the car.

'There is a clear line between careless driving and dangerous driving, and the guidelines have made this clear.'

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