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Jump the Fiat 500 queues

25 July 2007

Buyers who can't wait to get their hands on a Fiat 500 are being tempted to skip waiting lists by buying through internet auction site eBay.

Although the car is still only available in left-hand drive - it doesn't go on sale in the UK until January 2008 - some of the first cars off the production line in Europe are being put straight back up for sale.

However, you will have to pay for the privilege: the lowest-priced 500 found by whatcar.com was a 1.2-litre Lounge edition, which retails for 12,500 Euros (about £8350) but was on sale on the internet for £9990.

A 1.3-litre diesel that retails for 14,500 Euros (about £9692) was on sale for £11,990.

When the right-hand-drive models arrive in the UK, buyers will have the same options as Europe: engines will include a 69bhp 1.2-litre petrol, a 100bhp 1.4-litre petrol and a 75bhp 1.3-litre diesel.

There will also be the same three versions of the car: Pop, Sport and Lounge.

Fiat's UK prices are expected to be from £9000.

At present, demand for the 500 is outstripping supply: after the first two days of it being on sale in Europe, Fiat announced that it had sold as many cars as it could make in a month.

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