Just 7% of motorists check tyres

06 February 2006

  • Only 7% of drivers check tyres once a year
  • Tyre checks recommended at least once a month
  • Wrongly inflated tyres damage environment

tyre inspection

Motorists aren't checking their tyres nearly often enough, according to an RAC Foundation survey.

The survey has found that only 7% of motorists check their tyre pressures and tread depth once a year, and the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) is warning that this is creating a cost to the environment as well as to motorists themselves.

In terms of the driver's pocket, under-inflated tyres wear much more quickly – a 20% reduction in tyre pressure can shorten a tyre's life by up to 30%.

Incorrectly inflated tyres can also cause greater fuel bills, with the additional drag causing approximately 3% more fuel consumption. Over-inflated tyres can result in poor handling and grip, and reduced stability when braking and cornering.

These problems also have an effect on the environment, as increased fuel consumption leads to greater carbon dioxide emissions.

Then there is the issue of disposal of old tyres, which is an environmental headache. If tyres wear out more quickly because they are neglected, the more of them there are to dispose of.

To get the greatest longevity from your tyres, and to reduce fuel consumption, emissions, and tyre waste, the IAM recommends motorists check their vehicle's tyres at least once a month.

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