Latest round of safety recalls

13 March 2007

  • Four manufacturers recall more than 53,000 cars
  • Biggest recall is for 43,357 VW Passats
  • Other recalls from Honda, Bentley and Suzuki

VW is recalling Passats for work on its windscreen wipers - three other makers are recalling cars

Wipers that don't wipe on Passats and wheels that fall off Bentleys are included in the latest batch of safety recalls by manufacturers.

Volkswagen's recall of 43,357 Passat built between April 2005 and August 2006 is the largest of the latest recalls. The manufacturer is concerned that the wipers may fail to operate because of a software fault, and so wants to fit a cap on the wiper motor.

VW is also recalling 4842 diesel Golf and Golf Plus models built between November 2006 and January this year. The earth connection on the heater in the car could overheat and, in some circumstances, cause a fire.

Suzuki wants to check the airbags on 4286 Ignis models manufactured between March 2003 and September 2006. The airbags might not deploy properly on the passenger side and could pose a risk of injury.

Honda is contacting the owners of 569 Civic Hybrid cars, because the engine may cut out when passengers are carried in the rear. The manufacturer has found that the pressure of a passenger's back on the seat of cars made in September 2005 can cause a short circuit.

The smallest of this round of recalls is for 180 Bentley Arnage and Azure models built between February 2005 and August 2006. The wheel bolts are not up to standard and could loosen, ultimately causing the wheel to fall off.

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