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Laying the foundation for a crash

23 August 2006

  • 1.5% shave or apply make-up while driving
  • 60% don't eat, drink or read a map
  • Take part in latest poll on homepage


Each week, whatcar.com gauges the opinion of British motorists through our weekly polls on the homepage.

Last week we wanted to know if you carried out distracting activities while you were driving and, thankfully just 1.5% of you admitted to shaving or applying make-up while driving and just 2% admitted to reading a map.

Over a third of respondents admitted to either eating or driving while behind the wheel but it seems the majority of whatcar.com readers are conscientious drivers, with 60% saying that you don't do any such thing when you are driving.

As we look forward to another busy bank holiday weekend - and all the congestion that goes with it - we are asking how much would you pay for emptier roads? The latest poll is on the homepage now.

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