Mega-money Maybach 62S

17 November 2006

  • £341,585 buys fastest, biggest Maybach
  • Costs £41,615 more than standard 62
  • 604bhp monster hits 62mph in 5.2


If you're a multi-millionaire who demands not just a little bit more, but all the luxury the world has to offer, Maybach's got just the thing for you – the new 62S.

Billed as the world's most powerful chauffeur-driven saloon, the 62S was unveiled at the Chinese motor show in Beijing this week. Following from the souped-up 57S, the 62 gets an uprated engine, and even more special trim.

Behind the modified front end of the 62S (it has a special radiator grille and different lights) lies a tweaked version of the AMG-tuned Mercedes 6.0-litre V12 with an extra 61bhp, making 604bhp in total. That means it'll hit 62mph in 5.2sec, which should be ample to allow James to drive you home in the flash of an eye, if he doesn't spare the horses.

That would be a shame, because then you wouldn't get the chance to truly luxuriate in the back, with its special leather, wood, anthracite or carbonfibre trim. It also means passers-by won’t get to appreciate the 20-inch alloys and special single-tone black or silver paintjob.

If, like us, you have to ask the price, it obviously means you can't afford one: the 62S costs £341,585 on the road – £41,615 more than a standard Maybach 62.

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