Michelin orders recall of 20-inch tyre

03 January 2006

  • 10,000 tyres subject to worldwide recall
  • Fears about sudden and rapid loss of air pressure
  • Michelin sets up hotline for affected motorists


Michelin is recalling 10,000 tyres because of fears that they could suddenly deflate.

The tyre manufacturer says an analysis of three customer returns in 2005 has prompted the worldwide recall of the 20-inch 255/35 ZR 20 97Y Pilot Sport Extra Load tyres, which were fitted as standard to Audi A8 and Jaguar XJ8 luxury cars.

In certain circumstances, there could be a rapid loss of air pressure in the tyre, which Michelin says is a potential safety risk.

It is working with Audi and Jaguar in a bid to contact owners, but says the tyres could easily have been retro-fitted to other large models.

A freephone number has been set up for concerned motorists, on 0800 056 7200.

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