New atlas shows speed camera locations

26 June 2006

  • Philips atlases show fixed camera locations
  • Also shows likely mobile camera spots
  • Atlas publisher believes cameras alienate drivers

This new atlas shows the locations of speed cameras

A new range of atlases showing the location of speed cameras around the UK is on sale now.

The new 2007 Philips atlases, priced from £10.99 to £12.99, include 4635 fixed camera locations, as well as details on 7795 locations commonly used for mobile cameras.

The maps from Philips follow the AA, which last year started to include the locations of speed cameras into its maps.

Unlike the AA, however, which has backed the use of cameras, Philips atlases include a critical assessment of how cameras are sometimes used. The article says cameras are used inconsistently across the UK and can alienate the police from the motorist.

The locations of fixed camera sites is also available online at

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