New models from Nissan - and GM merger?

17 July 2006

  • Nissan to make 'global' cars
  • Livina Geniss people-carrier is first model
  • Nissan-Renault and GM in talks about merging

The Levina Geniss is the first of Nissan's 'global' cars

Nissan has announced a new line of 'global' cars that will be sold in markets all over the world - except Europe - and has started looking at a merger with General Motors.

Nissan calls it a global product because it could be sold around the world, not because it necessarily will be sold in every market.

This Livina Geniss is the first of the cars, and is a Renault Scenic-sized people-carrier with seating for seven. It will be based around a shared platform from the Renault-Nissan group and will be built in China.

The Renault-Nissan alliance and General Motors have also started talks about a possible merger. Following an initial meeting between Renault-Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn and General Motors' chief Rick Wagoner, a 90-day review period is under way.

In terms of global sales, Toyota is expected to take the top spot from General Motors this year, but an alliance with Renault-Nissan, currently number four in the world, would help seal the American manufacturer's place at number one.

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