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Nissan reveals more about Urge

03 January 2006

  • Mazda MX-5 rival makes debut at Detroit
  • Entry-level sports car to weigh just over a tonne
  • Prices likely to begin at around £15,000

nissan URGE concept front tracking

Nissan has released more pictures and details of the Urge, a likely rival to Mazda’s MX-5.

The car makes its debut at the Detroit Motor Show next week, and will probably go into production, provided it receives a warm enough welcome at the show.

There's still no more information on the engine, which Nissan has described as small and high-revving, but the company has revealed a few more details of the model it is billing as a sports car for first-time buyers.

Even though it's based around the 350Z roadster and coupe, and has an identical wheelbase, the Urge is shorter from tip to tail at 3978mm, a shade smaller than an MX-5.

Nissan has put a target weight of just over a tonne for the Urge, which means it would weigh less than the already svelte Mazda and around as much as the company's Micra supermini.

A simple and easy-to-fold canvas roof is likely to survive into production, but the scissor-action doors and three-seater layout will probably be dropped. Expect any showroom model to have conventional hinges, a two-seater layout and a tempting starting price of about £15,000.

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