Nissan's bird's-eye view parking system

15 October 2007

Nissan has developed a special all-round viewing system to help drivers park.

Called the Around View Monitor, it gives the driver a bird's-eye view of the car. It does this by using four wide-angle cameras that can view 180 degrees - one each at the front and rear of the vehicle, and one on each door mirror.

The images are relayed to a screen that shows the view from above and on the left, and a front or rear view on the left. Selecting forward or reverse gears determines whether you get the front or rear views.

The system lets the driver see every corner of the vehicle when parking, allowing much more precise - and hopefully bump-free - parking.

Sensors on all four corners of the car help the driver be absolutely sure about the car's positioning, too - graphics on the screen show how close it is to an object, and a beeping alert sounds the closer the car gets to it.

Whether the Around View Monitor is coming to the UK is yet to be decided. If it does, it's most likely to be seen in Nissan's new Infiniti brand, which will be launched here next year.

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