No progress in reducing car crime

27 April 2007

  • Survey shows no fall in car crime
  • Still more than three crimes every minute
  • Motorists urged to report every crime to police

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Little progress in vehicle crime is being made, with millions of motorists still falling victim to car crime every year.

While recorded vehicle crime figures from the police show small reductions of 3%, the Home Office's British Crime Survey, which is considered more accurate, shows no fall.

The Home Office says the survey running up to the end of 2006 shows 'no statistically significant differences compared with year to December 2005'.

More than 1.7 million motorists are victims of car crime each year, according to the survey, which means more than 4500 crimes a day, nearly 200 every hour and more than three every minute.

The AA says that too many motorists are failing to report crime to the police, which is why recorded figures have shown a fall. Paul Watters of the AA said this meant it was impossible for police to build up accurate pictures of criminal activity.

While motorists may consider many crimes to be too insignificant to report, all of them should be.

As Watters points out, many motorists fail to report the theft of a numberplate, 33,000 of which were stolen in 2005: 'When a car carrying stolen numberplates picks up parking tickets and speeding fines, drives off from petrol stations without paying or runs over a pedestrian, failing to report the original crime can turn a car owner's life into a nightmare,' he said.

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