No recall from Renault on Clio bonnets

07 March 2007

Renault has still not issued a recall for MkII (1998-2005) Clio models whose bonnets fly open while the cars are being driven.

The issue was highlighted by BBC's Watchdog programme, and it's now just short of a year when the first instances of the problem were reported.

It's thought that there's a serious flaw in the design of the Clio's bonnet catch, which means that if an owner pulls it out too hard, they can pull it into the open position, which is unsafe for travel. The MkII car is still on sale as the Clio Campus.

The current MkIII Clio has a completely revised bonnet catch, which has a failsafe mechanism, but there are still many thousands of MkII cars on the road with the previous catch.

Renault responds
There has been criticism of Renault for not recalling the cars, but Tim Jackson, Renault UK's director of press and PR, says: 'Of the 42 cars we have inspected, we have not found any manufacturing defects.

'We have set up a dedicated task force of experts from our worldwide engineering, production and safety departments, plus specialists from after-sales, maintenance and customer services. We'll get the findings very soon and we'll contact our customers immediately.'

Renault also says its dealer network will continue to 'closely check the condition of the bonnet locking mechanism on all Renault vehicles during routine servicing, and, at the same time, the security of the bonnet catch mechanism is inspected at annual MoT tests on vehicles over three years old.'

What Car?'s editor, Steve Fowler, said: 'We really need an independent body or adjudicator to decide when manufacturers should recall cars. At the moment, the onus is on the manufacturer, and we really need a system that contacts all owners when there's an issue like this.'

To see Renault's response in full, you can view its video with Tim Jackson by clicking here.

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