One in eight cars has dangerous brakes

04 October 2007

  • Survey shows many brakes neglected
  • 85% of owners don't know how to check brakes
  • Get brakes checked regularly

Check your brakes regularly, or get an expert to do so

One in eight cars has brakes that are dangerous or illegal, new research has shown.

Random physical checks on 200 cars revealed cars with worn brake pads, brake discs below the minimum thickness and, in some cases, warped discs.

Another finding of the research was that 85% of motorists don't know how to check their car's discs and brakes for safety. Most rely on their car's brake warning light, but this can't be relied upon.

Many cars don't have such warning lights, and of those that do, the alert doesn't come until the brakes are dangerously worn.

Some brake problems are easy to spot - warped brake discs, for example, show up as a vibration through the steering wheel when braking.

Others can't be detected so easily, so it's vital that drivers have their brakes checked regularly - a third of accidents happening because a vehicle fails to stop in time.

If you are in any doubt about your brakes' integrity, take the car to a brake specialist straight away.

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