Paddle-shift for C4

27 June 2006

  • Electronic gearbox option just £500
  • Paddle-shift manual changes and auto settings
  • Fuel consumption improved, emissions down


A new paddle-shift electronic gearbox will soon be available for Citroen's C4 small family car.

The new gearbox option will be available with the C4's 1.6-litre 108bhp diesel engine and is likely to cost around £500 when it goes on sale in the UK in October. Expect the gearbox to only offered in SX and VTR+-trimmed cars.

The six-speed gearbox can be used in either manual or automatic mode. In manual, you can change gear with paddles on either side of the steering wheel or by the gearstick. Slip the gearchange into its auto setting and the car behaves like an ordinary automatic.

Performance is unaffected, with a 0-62mph of 11.2sec matching a manual, but fuel consumption is better. The car returns 63mpg on the combined cycle compared with 60mpg on the manual.

Carbon dioxide emissions are lower (120g/km compared with 125g/km) but company car tax is unaffected with both models falling into the lowest 18% banding.

Don't expect to see the new gearbox in the C5 family car, although it might be available in a new seven-seater MPV set to be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in September.

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