Police break Irish car fraud

19 December 2007

  • UK cars sold in Eire as commercial vehicles
  • Thousands of cars may be involved
  • 40 luxury cars impounded already


Several Dublin car dealerships have been raided by police investigating allegations that they are selling cars bought from British dealers that haven't had Vehicle Registration Tax paid on them.

The Criminal Assets Bureau in Dublin is now investigating the records of thousands of cars imported from Britain and sold below market value.

The Bureau says Vehicle Registration Tax is being avoided because the cars are registered as commercial vehicles, which have a tax rating of 50 Euros (£36) instead of the 30% of the Irish list price liable on passenger cars.

A tax office official has been questioned in connection with the investigation and customs officers have impounded 40 luxury cars, including Bentleys, Range Rovers and Mercedes, from five Dublin showrooms.

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