Polo coupe, cabriolet and MPV possible

24 July 2007

Volkswagen is reported to be considering launching up to four versions of the Polo from 2008 through to 2009.

Sources suggest that Polos may come in standard, cabriolet, coupe and MPV derivates - and whatcar.com has an artist's impressions of how some of these models may look.

VW is said to be trying to mix a more fun image with the Polo's noted practicality.

The cabriolet and coupe models are designed to tap into a younger market, while the small-scale Polo MPV will blend the space of a larger car with the benefits of a city runabout in a bid to take on the Ford Fusion and Fiat Idea.

There's expected to be a wide range of engine options, including 64bhp 1.2-litre, 80bhp 1.4-litre, 105bhp 1.6-litre petrol engines and 69bhp 1.4-litre, 84bhp 1.4-litre and 105bhp 1.9-litre diesels.

The DSG gearchange system is expected to available with the most powerful diesel, while other models, including a 170bhp Polo GTi, are also under consideration.

The coupe, cabriolet and MPV models are expected to cost from £10,000.

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